Oh boy! This one is a fun one. I am a serious list maker. I love to make lists and cross things off of them. I feel so accomplished. I have my work to-do list, my personal to-do list, my grocery list, my home project list, and my personal favorite...my "honey do" list! ( i have even been known to put things on the list that weren't originally there, just so i can cross something off)!

I found this site. Knock knock. You will find a list for every project out there. This is the site for the ultimate list maker!

Here are some of my favorites:

Have trouble making a decision? This one is for you!

Do you wander aimlessly at the market wondering what you have run out of?
Problem solved.

Are you a meal planner?
Christopher and i share cooking duties because of the craziness of our schedules.
This should help us!

I think i need these in my studio! Talk about helping to organize my work.

LOVE this one!
Christopher and i used to have a wine journal where we used to track wine we have tried, what we were doing and where we were at the time, and then steam the label off and glue in. Unfortunately, we lost it in our move. We had so much history in that book. Anyway, this pad is a good one!

Have a fabulous Friday all!


NIKKISS08 said...

I love these note pads!! So cute...

Marcy said...

Nice find! And I, too, have been known to add things to my list just so I could cross them off. ;-)

bklyn76 said...

a have a serious addiction to binder clips and now you have just made it worse! ;)

how did you steam off the labels from the wine bottles? such a good idea! i totally see your book in a chick flick...books gets lost in the move, falls into the unsuspecting hands of someone who no longer believes in love who then learns all about the couple through the wine journal and his/her faith in love is renewed. :)

HoityToityBaby said...

These are fantastic! Good find! :)

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