Since i feel so accomplished with the nursery this week, i want to share something i found while perusing the internet for fun and unique accessories. Since i have already found my artwork i don't want to add too much more in the way of art. I have a couple of thoughts about adding some pops of color to the walls, and i wasn't sure i knew what those thoughts were until i found this site- Uncommon, Unconventional Home Furnishings

Check this lovelies out...

I love this clock, but i don't think it would be for the nursery. With no numbers, it wouldn't be a very good teaching tool. Nevertheless, it is still so fun!

I am considering this clock for my office, since it is orange and gray.

So check out the rest of the goodies for sale, they are so cool!

Well, i am off for my relaxation weekend in Rhode Island. It looks like Hurricane Bill is going to send some rain our way, but i know we will still have a blast! And who knows? Perhaps next summer we will have a little one to bring along!

Happy Friday and happy shopping! Have a great weekend everyone.


Stephanie said...

Have a great trip! Those prints for the nursery are adorable.

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