{ our weekend getaway... }


was AMAZING! Simply put.

We just fell in love with where we were. So much so, we are thinking long term of moving there or at the least to start with a small house near the beach. It was a 3 hour ride..(well, that is another story.. it should have been, but i had to work on a slight debacle with a client on the way there) so let's say that on the way home, it was about 3 hours. Since living in Hilton Head Island, i have always loved the beach. However, moving that far away from family and friends is so hard to do. We are very close with our family and can't imagine once we have a baby, not having them around. So.. the beaches of Rhode Island were just amazing!

Our house that we rented was about 1/4 mile from the beach. It was private and just oh so pretty. The food was delicious as we had our fair share of seafood.

Hurricane Bill was mingling around, and was bringing some pretty hefty waves. On Friday night after dinner we just rode our bikes to the beach to relax and wade around. They were pretty strong, even at low tide. When we arrived at the beach Saturday morning after our bike ride, it was about 9am. The tide was set to be high in about an hour and already it was hard to find a place to sit because the power of the waves was just so strong. They were washing so far up onto shore, we had to make sure nothing would float away! (actually.. one of our cups did. We just weren't quick enough). The rip-tide was so strong, they ended up closing the beach for swimming by end of Saturday and Sunday we couldn't swim at all. Only surfers were allowed to enter. It is quite alright though. Literally, we were in the water for about 15 minutes and were exhausted trying to fight the water. I ended up just sitting on the edge of the water to get cooled down. (which was fairly humorous too, as i was full of sand just from sitting)!

I was so bummed that as a blogger, i had forgotten my spare camera battery. So, i missed the really good waves early on Sunday morning. The weather station reported about 10-12 foot waves. It was so amazing to just sit and watch. Never in my life have i seen such waves, even off the coast of South Carolina or Georgia. The water was just beautiful. I wish i had the courage to surf actually.

Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite photos from the weekend!

| after a rainy start to our drive out, the sun finally broke through and we were finally naked! |

| Friday after dinner we took our bikes for a ride to the beach, it was so nice and relaxing |

| Some adorable kiddles were so proud of the sandcastle they built |

| Deciding how close i wanted to get to the waves! |

| I just loved this lifeguard chair |

| A view from my chair |

| These two were so cute chasing the waves |

| Our dream piece of property we found riding around on our bikes... one day |

| Beach hair! |

| Christopher relaxing with his cocktail |

| Not wanting to go too far in |

I hope you all are enjoying your Monday! It has been a bit hectic coming back to messages and emails for me, but totally worth the time away!


bklyn76 said...

sounds like a grand time! [can i just whine a minute about how many products i've purchased to get *beach hair* like that? some things just can't be replicated, i guess!]

Wendy said...

You both look so relaxed! Hope you had a great time. Love the pictures, too - you're a great photographer. :)

Hoity Toity Baby said...

So happy for you! It looked amazing! Cherish those moments now, because when the little one comes............. :)

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