{ a peek inside my studio }


So as some of you might know, i am a custom stationer! I love, love, love what i do and i'm so lucky to have wonderful clients too.
Some days can be pretty tricky, balancing the work, with paying the bills (boring) being a great wife and working on all of our adoption paperwork. It does make life exciting, and i wouldn't change anything!

More recently, i needed more business cards, so i did a simple re-design from my originals and i just received my letter pressed cards back last week. I love them! So simple and just pretty. I opted for a bit shorter, but longer design to be a bit more "un-standard".

Here they are!

I also will say, that as much as i love white, my studio is one of the favorite rooms in our house. Designed with orange, gray and white, it is a bit on the modern side and i love working in this room. I guess that should be important, right? Here are some tidbits from my office.

My sketch books...i love sketch books. In various shades, sizes and pattern, i just can't get enough.
I sketch whenever i have a thought!

The fabric on my windows...

And what would i do without my swatch books and pantone chips?

So a quick peek inside my professional life, since i am always talking about my personal life. Stay tuned too, for some new projects that i will be excited to share!

Have a super day!


Stephanie said...

I <3 orange! I enjoyed the peek. :)

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Your biz cards turned out great! I love the simplicity of them!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Hey there you! Thanks for the shout out over on Spearmint Baby! Hoity Toity Baby loves The Pink Orange, too! It's a love fest up in here! Tee-Hee!

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