{ fall color report: 2009 }


I am not a fan of the cold weather, and getting closer to fall, i realize it is around the corner.
However, i love, love, love fall clothes. There is just the slightest chill in the air, a sweater will do and tall boots are making their way back into my life. I stash away my flip-flops and pull out the gem toned clothes.

Fall clothes shopping always reminds me of being a school girl and wearing a fresh wardrobe and accessories. I love pattern and color, so going from whites and lights, to darks and sweaters is oh-so-fun!

Interestingly, according to Pantone, the fall forecast is nothing less than fabulous when it comes to jewel toned items. Two of my favorite colors are on the top of the list!

Check out this palette:

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors! Any shade of it will do, and quite frankly mixing in a tad of olive green gives it just the pop it needs!

Since my shopping will have to be less this fall with our adoption process and me rather splurging on baby than me, i found a fun compromise that includes both colors and would look awesome with a great pair of boots!

{ sources: sketches- Pantone, dress- Tulle }

This is my little piece of advice this season from Simon Doonan, Creative Director, Barney's New York:

“Staying groovy and hip on a budget should not be an issue. Good style has never been about how much money you spend. There are young designers producing gorgeous stuff at all price points!! The most important thing to remember when shopping for yourself is that you express your individuality.”

Have a terrific Thursday and happy shopping this fall!


honeydew1894 said...

I just read your blog, which prompted me to order knee high brown boots and shiny black loafers! You are so bad for the shopaholic in me :-)

Rebecca said...

go you honeydew!
I'm pretty bad for myself too.. just don't tell D i put you up to it. LOL

bklyn76 said...

i love fall clothes too even though i know it means winter is around the corner. :( the colours for the season are fantastic and that dress...I WANT IT! [i'm supposed to be saving too...gah! it's so hard!]

Stephanie said...

Love fall! Love the colors, love the weather, love the shopping. Ah, sweet crisp fall air where are you old friend? :)

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