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with much determination!

I have to say that i am utterly swamped with work, but it doesn't make me love what i do any less, and it isn't making me slack by any means. Then on top of it, add me in as a client! Whoah... a hefty task to do. Our adoption profile. Not only am i my hardest critic, but also a tough assignment. To appeal to a large age audience, to appeal to women (and sometimes men), to make our stand out in a crowd and make an impression in sometimes seconds. Golly... tough assignment. Add on talk about ourselves, add lots of photos our ourselves and i have the perfect recipe for stress. ( did you know i'm fairly photo-phobic?) If you knew how many images in my iPhoto library had wine or a cocktail of some sort included you might think i have an addiction. It eases me up... what can i say?

So i stayed up late last night and got up before the sun today to finish the final proof before sending off to the agency for approval. A couple of tweaks and we are on a roll! It feels so damn good.

Here is on of the spreads on my desktop early on in the game...

We decided we wanted a very clean and easy to read look. I created colored photo edges and backgrounds that divide each section for the viewer. I love white space, so i left the background simple and allowed the photos to say everything!

As long as we are on the subject, i posted last week how i had scored some adorable accessories for the nursery. I finally photographed them and wanted to share.

This is a silver owl piggy bank

And this lantern that can serve as a nightlight
The blue of the lantern is very similar to the wall color, so at $2.97, i couldn't resist!

{owl and lantern source: Target}

Hope you are all enjoying your day!


Stephanie said...

Your profile preview looks fantastic!!! Oh, I am totally heading to Target to score that owl bank. I'm leaning towards the PBK Brooke bedding right now so that owl would be an awesome accessory. :)

bklyn76 said...

i love the look of your profile...so clean and crisp. [you look great in the photos!]

i'm so sad that i don't live in the states anymore or else i would be hitting up a target for that owl tonight!

nikinikinine said...

to say that your profile booklet is beautiful would be an overwhelming understatement. Congrats on finishing it and moving forward.

Carolyn said...

I love the profile and the nursery finds! SO CUTE!!!!

Rebecca said...

@ Stephanie: The owl would look awesome with Brooke! I love that set.

@bklyn76: I can arrange some shipping of an owl with you if you want! Let me know.

@ niki: thanks so much! It was a labor of love and that was just the beginning stages.

@carolyn: thank you so much!

Wendy said...

I already hit my local Target, looking for that owl!!! I might have to order it online, but I love it!

BTW, your profile looks so good!

bklyn76 said...

Rebecca, that is so sweet of you! I'm going to see if a friend in Bklyn who is coming to visit next week can swing by the Target near my old apt, but if not, I may just have to take you up on the offer.

[btw, your blog has become a must-read every morning...or at least every time there is a new post!]

The818 said...

The profile looks gorgeous!

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