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The great bookcase debate! (I swear, the rocker debate will be next)!

I had so many books growing up. Funny, you would think i would read more, however my love of reading lies simply with gossip magazine and fashion inspiration reads. No non-fiction for this gal! However, i intend to do lots of reading with our little one. I really would love a bookcase in our nursery, however, we aren't so convinced there will be room for it.

OK.. so these are fairly overboard for a nursery, but still so awesome!

{ image source: Urban Grace Interiors }

So, even though that look is slightly overboard for our purposes, it sill inspired me! I am thinking of something on the tall side that would have space for some books, some toys.

Here are my favorites so far...

{ image source: IKEA }

{ image source: West Elm }

{ image source: Modern Nursery }

Ultimately it will come down to me putting the floor plan together and get a handle on what fits best, give us the most space for the least buck! These are all different price ranges, but all give a clean,simple, modern style which is what we are after.

Enjoy your Thursday!


nikinikinine said...

also check these out:



some amazing ideas. I just love the thought of using plate racks for books. So cutie pie!

Rebecca said...

niki: those are fabulous! It is one of my other ideas to use shelves like that, but we don't have a really good area for it either.

bklyn76 said...

i love floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, especially built-ins [or having an entire wall that is bookshelves so it looks like built-ins]

i like this from dooce: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dooce/3229499925/

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