{ a juggling act }


It is amazing, when you least expect it, how life and work become a juggling act! When i left my full time job to enjoy what i really wanted to do, i thought being my own boss would be a different type of job. It sure was, and is. I love every minute of it, but it makes each day that much more challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Each day i think- how can i outdo myself? How can i push the envelope of networking? How can i reach just a little higher? Some of my questions have been answered, and some haven't. I think it is great though, that they all haven't been answered. I would think if i felt "settled" i wouldn't push any harder. I think if i weren't just a tad stressed, i wouldn't seek bigger and better things on a daily basis. So i have to say, that will all the challenges and joys of being a business owner, it comes with a feeling of great accomplishment!

I just recently read about this book...
Here is an exerpt:
"...Many of us face a daily struggle to get more done in less time and to adapt in the face of constant change, and the pressure to rise to these challenges and still perform at our peak can be overwhelming. The secret to juggling- metaphorically- is to overcome your fear of making mistakes."

I think these words are pretty powerful, and through some of this thinking, i have been able to positively drop a ball or two, and be OK without being too self-critical; something that was very hard for me to overcome.

Through this, i have been able to refocus on my own business goals and what i want to do for The Pink Orange and accomplish in what time frames, just like i do with all of my clients.

So keep your eyes out, new things are in store! I am working on a new website, that will be based on a blog format. Here is a sneak peek of what i have been working on

I have also been working on illustrated animals for notecards that will be screen printed as well as some letterpress. ( i am slightly.. OK.. pretty much addicted to letterpress) so i can't wait to share! Here are some of the animals i am working on.

They are based on a vintage board game that i have called Forest Friends that i used to play growing up. I can't wait to finish!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Alisha said...

Rebecca- I love the animals!!! So many possibilities with them.

Wendy said...

I really like the animals, too! So cool.

Sarah said...

Awesome! Ooohh, the new website layout looks so good!!! And those animals are super cute. sigh...I looooove letterpress

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