It has been a heck of a week! Busy, busy with clients and trying to get prepped for our weekend assignment, as well as finish our profile to send off for final approval to the agency. (which they did approve and loved... yay! )

So early in the week, i took some "me" time, which i rarely do and got a pedicure and facial. It was so nice, but i realized how i just don't know how to relax. I was in this fabulous spa, with soft music, warming mitts and a mask on, and after an hour of it, all i kept thinking was what i still had to accomplish that day and i wanted out! Who does that? Me actually. So i tried my hardest to lay still and enjoy the moment, that my work will be there for me when i return. So i did. I had skin as soft and smooth as a baby's buttox and Resa, the esthetician recommended a home mask for me. How can i say no? I had such a great experience!
Well i bought it and used it this morning after my run and i love it!

| source: Repechage Shop |

I don't want to leave you with just one good find though. So i found these fun shirts while browsing around this week. Some of my favorite classes in art school were my History of Furniture classes. So these shirts are perfect!

| source: Furni |

Hope these finds find you fancy!
Have a fabulous Friday...


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