{ homestudy 2...complete }


so we are home study approved! I can't believe it. The last thing we need to do is send our profile to print and wait for our social worker's analysis of today- basically, a written summary. It then gets sent to both our agency and the state.

The meeting went so well. I really would just love to carry Kate (our social worker) around in my pocket. She is just that sweet, that good at what she does and that easy to talk to.

The day started with a house tour. She loved everything, saw where the nursery will be and the small project we have going on. She chuckled about the closet project and made a comment similar to mine that our baby will have a larger closet than Christopher!

We then discussed our childhoods, memories growing up and how we were raised. It was really interesting to hear from a professional about certain parenting methods and what really works and what really doesn't- as opposed to what people thinks, works. We talked about what we will carry through with our own parenting and in 20 years from now how we see our child, (or children). The process itself is emotionally intense and somewhat invasive. I honestly think that there are some people in this world that should go through this process before having a biological child. Really...but i digress.

It is really weird to think that about 3 years ago, we participated in pre-cana before our wedding. We went for a day long event and discussed emotion, communication, money and children. I also find it interesting that when asked if we aren't able one day to have biological children, would we adopt? We kind of blew it off. I mean.. who would have thought? I never would have bet on it. So most interestingly, our marriage and friendship has become stronger, respect has grown and our emotion runs deeper then it ever did before. So i thank this journey for that.

One last thing to do is finalize a few tweaks and have our profile sent to print. We are right on track to be active for the 1st of September and I. Can't. Wait.

edit: i realized that when i wrote this how emotional i was, and my "purging" of the brain made for some poor grammar. I cleaned it up! =)


bklyn76 said...

rebecca, your post made me teary-eyed. thank you for sharing your journey. i cannot wait for you to hold your baby.

MarcyIam said...

That is just so exciting! And I cannot believe you'll be active in just a few weeks - that is so exciting!

Nikki said...

I'm so glad that everything is moving along smoothly. Your adoption journey has been good for me to read. We have some close friends that are in the middle of the same thing.

Rebecca said...

thank you all for your comments and support. I can't believe after a seemingly endless journey, that we will be waiting soon.

@ Nikki - you are a great friend for your support to your friends!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! So very exciting! :)

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