{ weekend fun and camping }


Wow! What a busy weekend. I literally went from 6:30 am on Saturday until 9:00 pm on Sunday.

The weekend started with one of my dearest friend's baby shower. It was on Lake George and was absolutely perfect. Good friends, good food and good fun. I have some photos that i'll post too.

Since we were already in Lake George, we packed our bags and decided to stay with my parents. They were "camping" on Lake George. I use the term camping lightly, because they basically have a house on wheels. It is quite the luxurious way to camp. Although, i will say that with the storms that came through on Saturday night, i sure am glad we decided to stay in their rv and not in a tent. We would have been washed away! It was bad.

My niece was with my parents for the weekend until my sister, her hubby and their other daughter made their way to the lake. I love having time with Ellie as she is becoming quite the little lady and just a ball to hang out with.

Here are some fun photos from the weekend. This is me, Ellie and my younger sister before the rain came in and crashed on our campsite:

Since the rain came in, we hung out inside with our cocktails and Ellie and i decided to "do art" as she calls it.

Sunday was gorgeous, so we were finally able to hang by the pool.

Christopher, Ellie and Dad after collecting some wood for the fire. One of Ellie's favorite things is S'mores.

We are actually going to start looking for a pop-up camper (i think). We love to camp, but the thought of taking an infant in a tent, in weather like Saturday night is not our idea of fun... so the hunt will begin.


honeydew1894 said...

Great pics! I can see you so much in your dad! Glad you had a blast!

HoityToityBaby said...

Your pictures are fantastic! I love the one of your Mom with your niece by the pool. There is something so familiar about that picture. Brings back memories of my childhood when we camp'd every summer!

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