{ a ducky of a shower }


So one of my dearest friends is due in just about a month! So exciting. This will be their first and have been through quite the ttc journey. One of her best friends owns a camp on Lake George, so that is where the shower was. Her bridal shower was in the same location, so it was nice to see this shower there as well. The weather did hold out and it was just a perfect day.

We choose a duck theme for her with yellow and turquoise, but added in some other brightly colored ducks!

I designed the letterpressed invites:

The cake was adorable!

Some more fun detail shots!

There was fun duck details all around the camp! It was fabulous.

They did not find out what they are having, so i am totally looking forward to the surprise!


HoityToityBaby said...

This is adorable! I love to plan partys! Every party should have a theme! Unfortunately I live around people who don't agree with me. They won't spen the extra money to really make it what it could be! But that's another story. So good job friends! I bet they LOVED the shower!

Rebecca said...

Thanks N! It was fun to work on and they are such great friends of ours, so it made it that much more fun.

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