{ talking about another medium }


And i'm not talking about one art related! I'm talking about a psychic medium.

I had a client a few years ago that i helped to design a few rooms in her home. We got along really well, and i had found out that she is a medium when we first met and got some "vibes" from me. She actually was correct about several pieces of my life and what happened in the year to 2 following. I hadn't seen her for a bit, but ran into her in Dec. 07. We had been TTC since Aug/Sept 07. She walked up to me and got a "feeling". She asked me if we were TTC. I told her yes. She said to me that she kept seeing a '9'. She couldn't really pinpoint anything. But a '9' kept coming to her. She said.."i don't know if you find out in 9 weeks, 9 days or 9 months that you are expecting. Something is interfering." Well, funny enough that the 9 days, 9 weeks and 9 months have passed, and our infertility got in the way. hmmmm... was she onto something?

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. I ran into her in the grocery store and she asked me to help her with some colors in her home. We also chatted briefly and i told her of our adoption plans. She was so excited. We made plans to get together and that was Friday. I went over, helped with colors and we sat and talked. She is so sweet. She gave us a $50 Babies-R-Us gift card for me helping with her colors. She then proceeded to 'read' me again. The '9' came back to her! Could it be we get our baby in 2009? Could it be we get matched in 2009? Our anniversary is the 9th month. Could that be our lucky month? It was pretty cool. She also told me that she kept seeing '3'. She really feels things will happen quickly and we will have 3 days to get somewhere to pick up our baby. It was a very strong feeling. She told me our birthmother is already pregnant and very alone. She has been good to her body, and good to her baby. She had a very clear image of a brunette sitting next to me on the sofa where we were sitting. She said she was rubbing her belly and does it constantly. She encouraged us to get things done swiftly, because our baby is already waiting. I felt so weird. I felt hesitant. I felt excited and anxious. She wants us to wake up everyday and think that we are one day closer to getting our baby. That to wake up each day and feeling good about what is happening is our self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have never put too much weight on psychic mediums, but i figure why the heck not? I don't have anything to loose and it is all positive at this point.


Wendy said...

That's pretty exciting! I'm like you - I don't put much weight into psychics - but at the same time, it's nice to be excited, isn't it? There's nothing wrong with being prepared, either, since you never know when you could get your call.

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