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I stumbled upon a great blog this morning while catching up on my own blogging. The Lettered Cottage. I am now addicted to yet another blog. My goodness, when will i ever get work done!?

The very first post had an amazing quote in it, and as i scurry off to a meeting and my physical for our adoption this morning, i wanted to share:

Stop fighting against what you have to do.

Turn it into what you want to do.
For any given task, you can be miserable and plodding or you can be enthusiastic and highly effective.

It all depends on your attitude.
Instead of dreading and avoiding something that you must get done, choose to look forward to it. Then jump in, make it happen, and get it finished once and for all.
It's really very easy to make a change in your attitude.

You can do it without lifting a finger.
With a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward whatever task you must complete, the work will go more quickly and smoothly.

And, you'll feel a whole lot better while doing it.
Decide that you truly want to get it done, and soon you'll be reaping the rewards of your effective effort.

-- Ralph Marston

Hope you all have a fabulous day!


designgrrl said...

That's a fantastic quote. I always find myself thinking how I "have" to do things instead of "want".

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