{ this was just weird }


OK... so someone has pissed in mother nature's cornflakes. This rain is out of control! The next 5 days are showing rain in the forecast. Total washout. Yesterday was the only decent day we have had. So Christopher and i decided we would run a couple of errands and just go for a ride in the jeep with the top off and explore.

We ended up taking a road that we have driven before, but never this far. It took us a couple of towns over to which we saw a sign for a park! We were like, great! Perhaps we can something something to amuse ourselves. Well, this was one weird park. We turned down the road and saw this:

CRAZY, right? I have never seen such a thing. Well ticks, yes, but a sign warning It against them? As bad as they are, the sign cracked us up. It really cracked us up as we drove down into the park and saw this:

Clearly, there was at least 2 soccer games going on, with hundreds of adults and kids rolling all. over. the. grass. We just looked at each other. It was so bizarre!

We kept driving down the road looking for perhaps swings, a dock (we were near the Mohawk River) a picnic table.. anything "park like" but instead see this!

So this park was no ordinary park. This seemed like more of a danger zone! We decided to slither out, as people had been watching us take photos, and i think the best shot we got was the sky:

And that was our random hump day drive!
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