{ Happy Father's Day }


So here it is again. That Hallmark day filled with emotion, love, and all sorts of sentiment. This time last year, i would have bet my life on the fact that i would be up making Christopher his favorite breakfast in bed. Homemade pastries to accompany his caffeine. As we take our little one out and about for the day and spend it the way he wants. I am so spoiled and get to spend our time together like i want to.

So here we are, a year later and no baby. It is pretty saddening to say the least. It has been a crazy year and i can't believe what we have done and overcome in the past 12 months. There is one difference though this year, we know now that Christopher will be a dad. He is so excited and looks forward to this day, perhaps even next year. There are days when he and i both want to throw in the towel, when our exhaustion of emotion gets the best of us, when we wish we could look into a crystal ball and know when everything will happen, smoothly and without error. But, we imagine ourselves without children, and that is not us either. So we plug along, keep going, keep our chins up and keep our eye on the prize. That one day, on this day, i will be in that aisle at Hallmark picking out a very special card, for a very special dad.

Here is my very special dad with me on my wedding day. A couple of non-pro and pro photos.


joy said...

hello! although i don't know how exactly i got to your blog--i'm so glad to check it out. this particular post went straight to my heart. we are here. there. too. keep finding and creating beauty while you're waiting, mama!

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