{ kitchen light project }


When we looked at our house in the buying process, it was always shown as an "eat-in" kitchen. It could be. The guy that we bought it from even had one heck of a hideous chandelier hanging above this area. (Guess he thought it would make it "quaint"). Well, for us, we love to cook and love to spread out, so we never had a table in the kitchen. Plus, the dining room is right off the kitchen, so we always eat and entertain in that room.

We have been looking forever for some sort of island, or working block or kitchen utility table to put in this spot. We had a heck of a time. Everything we found was either too big, too small, too deep, too wide. We also knew we wanted something with storage, but that was closed. I personally don't love having "stuff" hanging out in exposed shelves. Although Christopher would have loved that, i didn't. Well, a couple of months ago we happened to wander into Pier One of all places and found a cool buffet/storage/ piece. I hate the decorative painting, but that is OK. We are going to strip it and redo. So for now, we will have this... shall we say colorful piece in our kitchen!

We also removed a random center light, the above mentioned chandelier and patched the ceiling. Then the fun part.... we tore open the ceiling to hang 2 pendant lights above our colorful work area! I had also hung a spice shelf and made artwork for that area. The only thing left to do is repaint the ceiling, add more accessories and of course, paint the buffet.

Here are the after photos:

Now the trick is what color to paint or stain the buffet!

Sources: Spice rack - Pottery Barn, Spice shelf - Ikea, Frames - Pottery Barn


Wendy said...

Love the pictures - your kitchen is so cute! Wish mine looked more like yours! :) The artwork is really cute, and I like the lights, too.

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