{ back from my mini blogging hiatus }


Wow! I can't believe it has been just shy of a week since i blogged. Last week was so hectic both with work, and also with personal. We have a pretty large battle ahead of us with our "leftover" bill (sort of speak) from Albany IVF and i was on the phone for many, many hours last week disputing charges, etc. I meet with an attorney this week, so we can get the ball rolling. We also starting prepping items for our checklist of to-do's for the adoption agency, and we are working on setting up our first home study appointment. The timeframe will depend upon how long the "battle" with Albany IVF will last.

So, it seemed that every single time i sat to blog, i got caught up with emails, projects, phone calls and just "stuff". So i had a great weekend, including a lighting project in our kitchen (will take photos later and post this week) and then we spent the day yesterday on Sacandaga Lake with our friends. They own a camp there and i just love going. We can all be totally silent on the boat as it zips across the water, and all is good. We can soak in the sunshine, with cocktail in hand and the day seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.

My friend who owns the camp is 32 weeks pregnant, the most beautiful pregnancy ever and she carries baby well. :-) She is so sweet and we talked about how fun it would be if next summer we had a baby too and could all hang at camp together. That would be cool!

I wanted to share just a few photos from the day. I was surprised at myself though, i didn't go as nuts as i normally do. I think the R&R was good for me and so i was out of the norm for myself.

The boat docked and ready to go!

One of the inlets where we hung out

This is Elvis, he loves the boat!

My sweetie :-)

So all in all, a great weekend, and now i'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging. :-)


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