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Did i mention that i have a "pink thumb?" My sister was born with the green thumb. However, when you buy a house, there is something about being an anal retentive designer, home buying and existing crappy landscaping that just made me want to dye the color of my thumb. Also, when nothing exists, it is a lot of work, and a lot of moola! Our lawn, both front and back were so ugly. Really, no lie. So slowly but surely, we are learning more and more about the appropriate types of things to plant, and that are easy for us to care for. We really want unique things in our yard too, which only adds to the layer of difficulty. So yesterday, we went searching for our stone to match the existing pieces we have. We are just having the hardest time, and we are ultimately going to have to mix and match pattern and color. After talking with an architect yesterday, it is still going to look great. So we continued along looking at some cool flowers/shrubs/trees to plant.
The architect showed us this:

It is a Salix intergra ('Hakuro Nishiki') tree. It started as a very large bush, but they cross-bred it so it is a tree! One of the coolest trees ever. The color is amazing and the top will grow to about 5 feet. We will most likely trim it before that, but it is so tall, that we can plant low ground cover under it.

We also picked up probably 2 of the largest hanging plant arrangements i have ever seen. Seriously, they were like 3 feet wide! Gorgeous. So we got a couple of ground planters and transferred them in order to create a patio garden. Here is some of the wonderful color that came from these bad boys.

All of our plants and the tree came from Wells Nursery. I think this is my new favorite place. They were awesome there, had fabulous ideas, took the time to work with us and worked within our budget.


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