No Kentucky Derby for me!


I think i did everything this weekend besides watch the derby. I do enjoy a race here and there, but not one to sit and watch on t.v. I do enjoy going to Saratoga to watch the races.
Anyway, Saturday started with a baby naming for my friend's daughter Hailey. She is so darn cute and was such a good baby throughout the entire ceremony. A baby naming is much like a baptism in the Jewish religion. But... when my friend scheduled the baby naming, there was already a bar mitzvah scheduled. So we had to sit through both. Not so bad for us as adults, but i was rather impressed that Hailey was so good. Then, we went to a party for her at the country club and had a wonderful indoor/outdoor bbq! It was a nice day.
After the celebration, we started to do some landscape shopping. I still have to post photos, but we started to tear up some large landscaping bricks from around our patio and build a wall along our fence. We need about 30 more, so started to shop for the additional pieces. We weren't able to find them however. I really hope we don't have to start from scratch because we can't find matching ones.
Yesterday, we met up with our friends Kate and Dan who just bought a new house. So super cute! I love it! We helped them move for a few hours and then decided to start looking for bedroom furniture. Well, the looking turned into buying! Eeeeeeee!! I'm so excited. Our original plan was to buy at Ikea, something fun and modern. We didn't want to spend a ton because this isn't our forever home. We figured whatever we buy now, can go into our guest room in our next house and we'll spend $ on quality furniture for us then. Well, once we priced everything out, it still was going to cost about $1k for furniture at Ikea. Not a ton, but not a small amount either. Plus, we'd have to haul our butts down there, and assemble. So we started looking around here and found something! We got the bed and tall chest. We just have to go back and get the bedside table(s). Not sure if i want the matching ones yet. So all in all, a great, busy weekend.

On another note, with our adoption, we had to rework our financial budget. We have been so used to living pretty "freely" financially. This will be a big change for us, so we reworked our budget last night as well. I have been using this program for years, but wanted to pass it along because it has been so awesome in helping to budget almost everything in our lives - from groceries and gas, to mortgage and insurance. The program is simply called Budget and you can download it here.It is available for Windows or Mac and it just a fabulous tool. I am a visual person, so this helps me "see" where money is going. And since i am in charge of bills, etc... i got this program.
Here is a screenshot:

It looks more overwhelming than it really is. This is the expanded screen which i never use. I hope it helps someone like it has helped me! You can download it and just use it as a trial for 'x' amount of transactions, but then would have to purchase it to continue.
note:This is not my Budget, but a screenshot from the website.


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