"Just adopt, you'll get pregnant"


i heard this again yesterday after telling my dermatologist that we are done with our IF treatments, and i won't be going back on birth control. I told him we are going to adopt, to which he replied..."you know, once you adopt, you will get pregnant.". To which i said..." i hear that all the time." In his defense, he doesn't know my diagnosis, so i can't fault the guy whatsoever. But, there are certainly days when i wish i had Cliff Notes about the basics of fertility, and that you do in fact need eggs (and good ones) to reproduce. But alas, i didn't. I left it at that. I have been going to him for years, and he meant well. No offense taken. No offense taken? Not at all. I am in such a great spot emotionally, it is hard to explain. I feel so good and comfortable with our plans, that it is the best i have felt since i got off the roller coaster. It really is truly wonderful.

Today, i am having coffee with a case worker from an agency we are thinking of signing on with. Small world and i know her family from growing up in my small town. She is a couple of years older than i am, but i went to school with her brother. We connected on Facebook, and she offered to meet up with me for some one-on-one question and answer time. I think that is so awesome of her to offer and I'm excited for this afternoon's meeting!


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