{ crazy, quick week }


so i haven't had a moment of time to breathe, pee or eat, let alone update my blog! Sorry.
I have to take off half of tomorrow and all of Friday so we can leave for our adoption retreat! ( eeeeeekkk!) Of course, i am swamped with work, so here is a rough overview of the past handful of days:

- cleared out our bedroom, painted our bedroom, put everything back including our new furniture! (photos to come)
- market shopping, mothers day shopping, visit our moms, visit our friends who are moms, eat dinner, watch a movie, CRASH!
- workout, work, and work some more..... and... then some more
- workout, work, hubby's softball game, (we lost), bar for our looser beer, come home, and work some more
- workout, work, lunch meeting.....

and to add to the constant feeling of a merry-go-round this week, i came home yesterday from a meeting out of town, to find that both of my cats now have eye infections, so i have to bring both of them to the vet today. Hmmm...i ask myself. "Is this what having kids is like?"

I was also able to stop by my mom's office to collect a super sweet table for my lawn sale in a couple of weeks and i did manage to eat!


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