a yummy spring salad


well in an effort to.. well... try and force spring to come, since we are now into April and can barely make it past 40 degrees, i decided to start making one of my favorite spring/summer salads. So super easy, and very delicious! I was surprised too because it calls for boston lettuce. I'll be honest, i am not a fan. It has a wonderful taste, but seriously, whenever i buy it - it is full of dirt! I can't figure it out. Even washing and drying or spinning it, my salad still manages to taste gritty! Well.. let me tell you. I stopped at our Co-op for it yesterday and they had it, nicely washed and dried. Full root and everything! It came in a - well unfortunate plastic container, but it is fragile lettuce, so i appreciated the effort.

Here is a photo of how cool the lettuce looked right out of its container:

Here is the recipe:
(1) head of boston lettuce
(1) 10 oz.can of mandarin oranges drained
a couple of handfuls of toasted pecans
italian dressing to cover.. i use the home made Zesty Italian in the shaker and love how all the tastes come together!

Easy as that.


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