in with spring, in with yummy fruits and veggies at the marketplace


One thing i love about spring and summer is the wide assortment of local farmer's markets. A nice, fresh variety of fruits, veggies and plants! Well, we are always toting around our reusable grocery bags, and i just stumbled across these fun ones while browsing online! How cute are they?

This market tote from Crate and Barrel can be found here:

Or these smaller bags come in a wide variety of colors and can be found here:

I love how the large one has compartments. That is Christopher's favorite part. Believe it or not, he likes to organize his groceries! I just wish it came in other colors. I do love the smaller ones too for quick trips into the Co-op.

Keep your eyes out, i am in the process of designing some of my own.


Marcy said...

Cute bags! ;-)

Happy Easter to you two!

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