So this morning, i had some running around to do very early on. I try and squeeze all my quickie errands into one trip out and about. Once i get into my design "mind", i hate stopping! So i had a doctor appointment and filled in time before and a bit after with the bank, the pharmacy, etc...
Well, for some reason today, the bank was super packed at an early hour. ( perhaps everyone has the same brilliant idea that i do). I started to clean up some random papers, gum wrappers and power bar wrappers from the gym. I thought to myself.."hmm..i really need a garbage bag here." But of course, not any old plastic bag from a trip to the market. I am talking a fabulous fabric, with sassy pattern garbage bag that says 'ME.' So what better place to look than Esty? I found this:

From seller HowardAvenue.
There are a bunch, but i loved the pop of color against the black and my suv is white, so i think this is the next mini purchase i make!


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