wow... just wow!


so today i had my five day stim check. I was telling both my ultra sound tech goodbye, probably the last time i would see her- and also telling the nurse how this is our last shot, we are going to move onto adoption. We have accepted it, and are now starting to look forward to being parents, rather than going through all the crap each month just to be disappointed and be no closer, yet more money shelled out.
Well... boy did things ever turn! Jenn called me to ask me about converting this cycle to IVF! I was in pure shock. After being told that we shouldn't consider it, it is now an option! I can't believe i am writing this. Right now, this one and only cycle, our last cycle, my body has finally decided it wanted to do something! It wants to work. Work body work! I called Christopher and thank goodness got him. He just started a new job, (his second day in) and the last thing i wanted to talk to him about was making a huge financial and emotional decision on the spot. He agreed, and as long as my body continues along this path.... we will get to try IVF! I feel like it is a great way to close this chapter and know we have tried all we can to have biological children. I lost it. I cried. I feel like my prayers are answered. Both wanting a sign to tell me the right thing to do and both one more chance at a biological child. So now i just have to wait until Thursday to find out more.
Until then... this has been my faith...
a prayer a special woman gave to me, and holy water that my mother gave to me.


Telyro said...

I stop by every so often on my rounds of TTC related blogs - I just wanted to say that I am so excited for you and am hoping this is the miracle you so, so deserve!!! Best wishes!!!

Amy said...

When I read this I got so excited and hopeful for you. I am sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way! Wishing you the best!!!!

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