My 2009 Horoscope: Gemini


So i just found this and boy does it really hit so many points:

Although Saturn in the fault-finding sign of Virgo is bound to have a dampening effect on your spirits this year, Jupiter in Aquarius is going to be opening up new vistas and putting more spring in your step. Nothing can ever keep a Gemini down for long, anyway, and while you appear to be wrestling with all-too-familiar demons, you're going to have not only some wonderful adventures in 2009 but also a clear, new sense of your priorities and your direction.

Admit it, variety is what you thrive on, but you do sometimes feel a stab of guilt about your craving for new experiences and your attraction to change. And with Saturn opposing willful Uranus at the top of your chart on and off all year, your dutiful and freedom-loving sides are going to wage some kind of war.

Not that this is anything new. You're often pushed and pulled between your eagerness to move on and the necessity of sticking things out. But because guilt-provoking Saturn is camping out in a particularly sensitive area of your chart, you're likely to be unusually hard on yourself or to go through a crisis of conscience.

As 2009 gets under way, many Geminis will be shouldering family-related burdens or feeling pressured about decisions involving moves and property transactions. Unfortunately, complications are likely to ensue when Mars enters the picture in early May and early August, and loaded issues will come to a head when tricky aspects peak in early February and mid-September.

Any outside pressure you're under this year, though, is likely to be far less crushing than the pressure you're putting on yourself. Maybe what you really need to do is to lighten up and stop judging yourself so harshly. You were born under the mutable sign of Gemini, so stop castigating yourself for not being a firmly planted Taurus or a security-minded Cancer. Your delight in movement and your endless curiosity may tend to keep everyone guessing, but on the plus side, you seem to instinctively approach life as if it were a creative process. Or, as Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations, "The nature of the universe loves nothing so much as to change the things which are."


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