I can't believe this is happening to us


We got the call today that we can indeed proceed with IVF! I am absolutely, positively on cloud nine. I know all my prayers and faith have helped guide us. We have so much love and support from our family, friends, nurses, and doctors, that is just feels good for once through all of this process. I am trying my hardest to stay at an even keel, but it is darn hard after everything we have been through, and for once to finally have good news to grasp onto, i just don't want to let it go... or the positive feeling i have right now.

This evening, we went to Albany IVF to sign our consent papers and get all the dates, times and processes. I will go Saturday for my egg retrieval first thing in the morning. Then, depending upon how fertilization goes, i will go back Tuesday or Thursday for the transfer. I guess the one good thing is that being under anesthesia, i will be forced to relax when i get home. Can you say movie day?

Christopher is so neutral right now. His biggest fear is another disappointment, and he tells me it breaks his heart to see me cry. :-( So he is trying hard to not get too excited about all of it.

In honor of our official last injection tonight, here is a photo of a fertility patients stomach: (and this is only part of it..notice all the lovely holes and bruises.. good stuff and sexy i tell ya)!


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