What a fabulous weekend!


My niece Ellie came to stay with us from Friday until Sunday. We had so much fun. I was so sad to bring her home. I don't get to see her too much, and we just get along so well. She is so much fun, and loves, loves her Uncle Chris. By the time we ate dinner on Friday night, there wasn't too much time for anything else except a movie. So we watched "Robots" and "The Water Horse". She picked them both, and i am glad she fell asleep before the end of "The Water Horse" because it actually got a bit scary.

Saturday morning started with art projects immediately. She is quite the little artist (which is why i love hanging out with her). I love to see her mind going and creating. Plus, she is in heaven in my studio with my oodles of supplies and paper. Clemens of course had to hang out too. Here are some fun photos from the morning!

Ellie and Clemens


The aftermath of doing projects...

After doing art projects, we packed a cooler and headed to downtown Albany for the St. Patty's Day Parade. It ended up getting chilly, but we survived, and Ellie had to imitate Uncle Chris and his backwards hat too! Here are some fun photos!

Uncle Chris and Miss Ellie

We had to put Christopher's jacket on her because it was getting chilly:

Ellie and Christopher are such buddies! It is too cute.

We grilled when we got home, and then was bath time. Of course, it cracked her up how much Clemens enjoys the tub. He has fallen into the shower a few times playing on the edge. i was just waiting for him to take a dive into the bath water. He sat there with her the entire time.

So we had a lot of fun, and she has requested to come back next weekend!


Telyro said...

Have you looked at bounce flashes for your camera? I have a Nikon and the new flash has made such a difference in my photos!

Your niece is adorable!

ladyred said...

No i hadn't thought of that. We just got this camera and so far i love it. I have to buy any "goodies" for it. What does that flash do?
thanks for your input.

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