Well, i made it through yesterday


I am so glad. I didn't stress at all, which is weird. For some reason, i keep forming this odd relationship between an IUI and IVF. So, after 3 failed IUI's- each one having a progressively shorter time between the procedure and the actual beta. The first one, AF came 3 days before the test, the second - 4 days before the test and the third - 5 days before the test. So in the back of my mind, i could not help but to think i could have gotten AF yesterday, or even Sunday for that matter. I feel much better now, and am better armed to get through the rest of this seemingly long week. I have no idea how Christopher does it!

Also, interestingly, i spoke with my mom yesterday and she is going to a retreat on Saturday. A very inspiring and meaningful day. This is also the 2 year anniversary of my grandmother's passing. I am hoping she sends us our angel. Well... here's to 4 more non-stressed days!


Marcy said...

That's pretty cool about your mom/grandma.

And here's to the next few days just flying by!

Telyro said...

Best wishes!!

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