Friday the 13th


I wonder what it will bring? Funny, that last month, we had a Friday the 13th also. Kinda crazy. I remember last month's was an easy day, nothing mysterious or bizarre!
Today is going to fly by. (actually, i feel like everyday does lately). I am picking up my niece at my mom's house. She is staying with us for the weekend. She told my sister yesterday..."one more day Mom, one more day." She is excited, but she can't help it. She knows she gets spoiled when she comes to stay with us! It will make the weekend go by fast, and that is exactly what i need. Exactly one week from tomorrow is my first beta. I pray everyday that i will make it that far. With each of my IUI's, i didn't even come close to making it to beta. AF showed her face many days prior. I think anxiety might set in about Monday or Tuesday.
Last night, Christopher and i laid down to go to sleep, he pulled me really close and told me he loves holding 'his family'. He is so positive that this is going to work, that i am not sure if i can handle the heartbreak it might bring if it doesn't. So i keep begging and praying to these little embryos that one sticks around!


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