Today is the big transfer day!


I can't believe we have come this far.
After retrieving 10 eggs on Saturday, Albany IVF called on Sunday, (on the way to church no less) to tell us that out of the 10, 5 were mature and all 5 fertilized! Yippie for good news! They told us that 3 are great quality, 1 is so-so and 1 is poor. The embryologist suggested we transfer all 3 great quality embies back. With my diagnosis, the chance of triplets is under 5%, and even putting 2 back, the chances of one splitting to create triplets is under 1%. (that happened to a friend of mine, and that would be rather... well tricky to handle!)

So... after lots of talking, we are indeed going to transfer back all 3 embies today. I have so much going on in my head. Why shouldn't this work? Don't get your hopes up too high. There are others with DOR that this has worked for, so keep positive. My god, if this doesn't work, we will be making payments and nothing to show for it. And.. there are many, many other thoughts swirling around my head right now. I guess the bottom line is i need to trust in the unexpected, especially since this whole last week has been just that, and leave what is out of my hands, to someone greater!

So in just about 2 hours, i will have the transfer done, and then get to sit and wait a grueling 2 weeks to see if we are pregnant.


Samantha said...

I'm so excited for you! I'll be praying!

ladyred said...

thank you so much!

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