i really think that is the first time i have ever really meant those words. I usually am so bummed at the week ending, because i am odd, and i love what i do on a daily basis. But, i am so ready for this week to be over. I think it tops the list as one of the worst weeks ever.
I had such a hard time focusing this week after our bad news last week. I am totally distracted by not knowing what to do with our next steps. Every time we think we have it figured out, something comes up that changes things. I am just really looking forward to the warm weather, spring cleaning and hanging with my hubby. I was extremely clingy to him this week, because he "gets' in all, (well, he is involved in it all), but he also gets me, and for that i am thankful. I don't think i have ever cried so much as i did this week. All for the fear of moving on, the sadness that i have to close this chapter in my life, the money anxiety, the waiting, the paperwork, etc. It makes me sick to my stomach what we will have to go through. Almost to the point where i don't want to move forward with it. Then i bang my head on the desk and realize that if we don't face it all, we won't be parents.

Golly, why does all of this have to be so hard. When will we get our break? Haven't we been through enough already?


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