Adoption Seminar: Part 2


Well last night was much better! Much less overwhelming and pertained to what we will go through. Still a tad overwhelming nonetheless, but makes it more exciting!
There was a "guest" couple who came with their newborn they had just adopted. Their story was so amazing and they talked about how they enjoy the openness of their adoption. We are not totally set on how we feel about this, and i think ultimately it will depend upon the situation we are presented with. They actually adopted from an agency that i spoke with yesterday and really enjoyed the lady i spoke with. So, who knows? It could be the one. We have decided to take the next month or so and just gather information. We want to get all the remainder of the medical bills paid off and take time with one another- have fun and be ourselves before hopping onto yet another emotional roller coaster ride. As much as i want to just jump right in, i understand where Christopher is coming from, and i need to respect his wishes too at the moment. We talked about taking some weekend trips, day trips and just getting back to "us". No needles, no scheduled sex, no doctor's appointments. Just us! I am looking forward to it. :-)


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