well... cycle 16 is on hold


because i have 2.. yes 2 stinking cysts on my ovaries.. again! Not even small, they are each 19mm. I am so unsure as to how last month, i looked "perfect" and within a month, i grew 2 humungous cysts, that we can't even start our injections. It really bites the big one, because the one thing that we have to look forward to after getting the BFN, is our shots. (sad, but true).
i was able to schedule a WTF appointment with my RE this Tuesday, which i am happy about. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been until mid-end March that we could meet. Christopher can't go because of work and short notice, but at least i can and try to get some answers and find out realistically, what is the next step for us. I am beyond frustrated right now, but trying to keep the faith.


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