Well... it is onto cycle #16


I can't... well yes i can, believe it. I knew it was all too good to be true. Seriously!
How effin ironic, because my nurse told me to order new injections "just in case" so i would have them incase this IUI didn't work. Well, funny thing, they are being delivered today! Yup, the very day that my period came. I don't get why my body just won't cooperate with me and these drugs!
I know better than to mope and be depressed. That is not how i will get pregnant, however, it surely doesn't lessen the blow to my emotions.
I have to set up WTH appointment. If we aren't pregnant in 2 more cycles, most likely our RE will want to move onto IVF. Funny, we weren't prepared for that. I also find it funny that we can more than afford to raise a child, just can't afford to have the child.


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