8th day of stims


sounds like a one hit wonder, doesn't it?
Today i had a check for follies at the RE. Things looked pretty good, i have 3 little (well 2 good size and 1 little guy) brewing in there. I thought for sure we would trigger tonight and have our third IUI on Wednesday. I have been so crampy, i was thinking i had it all figured out. Yeah.. not so much.
So shots for 2 more nights and a new follie check on Wednesday a.m. But.. i do have to have Christopher give me an extra shot to put the breaks on the bigger guys and give the little guy time to catch up. Modern medicine, huh? Amazing. So.. keeping fingers crossed that all this works!


MarcyIam said...

Hey there! We both have stim checks tomorrow AM - good luck with your - hopefully we'll both be triggering soon!

MarcyIam said...

I saw your post on the boards - Happy triggering tonight! My appt resulted in more stimming. Joy, joy!

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