So freaking excited..


so most women in the trying to conceive process don't want to get their cycle. Me? I DO! i have been waiting a very long 31 days after my surgery to finally get my AF again. Why you might ask? Why am i so weird? Well, that is because now on Wednesday, if my new blood work and ultrasound look good, i get to start my new drugs! Sounds bizarre, i know, but this is my hope! So now i have renewed hope for 2009. These $1000k drugs have been staring me in the face each and everytime i open the fridge pretty much screaming "use me, use me..." he he he.. and oh boy, i have wanted to. But i have to wait until my body wants to cooperate.

One thing i learned after my surgery is that women with endometriosis stage 3 or 4, tend to have higher FSH levels. Makes sense as the past few months, mine was on the rise. I have never been more psyched to get blood drawn either to see how my levels come back. It has been just about 2 months since i have seen all my friends at Albany IVF, so i'm looking forward to seeing all the sweet nurses this week!

One thing i learned today too is this: "Anything worth achieving is work."


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