14 hours and counting...


i just got so nervous for tomorrow. It's not like it hurts, it's not like it takes forever. It is a breeze. You just lay there and relax for 10 minutes when it is done. Longer than the actual procedure takes. I guess i am just nervous because i have cramps tonight. I can feel movement so i know those little nuggets are moving around and popping out.. ready to meet their match! ;-)

I guess i am just nervous because even though this is only try #3, it still brings us that much closer to doing something that we just can't afford doing. The thought of taking the next step for some reason is sure bothering me tonight. I was so hopeful about everything and i just lost it a little bit. It is hard to explain. I just keep telling myself what Deacon Ed told me.. be thankful each and every day for what i do have. And i am and do that- sometimes my emotions get the best of me. I just want to be blessed with one biological child, and the yearning seems unending to me.


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