goodbye sweet Gypsy


On Sunday morning, Christopher had Gypsy outside and was just getting ready to bring her in, when she got away from him and attacked a neighborhood dog. It was an awful sight, totally out of character for Gypsy and very scary in general. We had decided that day, to call our vet, and the shelter where we adopted her to get advice. It was tricky to get the shelter to listen and cooperate with us and hear us out. It has been a very sad couple of days. Our neighbors dog was fine and so was he. We had decided to bring her to the shelter, but then i was having second thoughts. What if she was sick and trying to tell us? What if she was in fear of something. God i wish dogs could talk. After an extremely hard decision, Christopher did drop her off yesterday morning. We are both so sad and miss her dearly. Thank goodness the shelter is not putting her down. They feel that she is not a malicious dog and this was an isolated incident. They will evaluate her and hopefully she will find new parents to love her.


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