Just when i get excited to start new drugs...


i find out i can't! Shucks! This stinks! Christopher and i were just saying how we can't wait to get pregnant, just to be able to have our fridge back! HA!... not so fast now. Yesterday at my CD3 blood work and ultrasound workout, they have found that the persistent cyst i have had is actually an endrometrium cyst and will have to be removed via laproscopic surgery. Yeah... right. So i am 34 and have never been on anesthesia, and IV or been in the hospital. Period. ( i was actually hoping the only time would be when i delivered a baby one day, but looks like that plan has changed). So right now, surgery is scheduled for Dec. 5, and i think the martinis will start flowing the 6th! :-)
So for now, i am on bcp, to prevent getting a period until after the surgery, and if all goes well, we can proceed with our next IUI cycle.


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