a bottle of wheatgrass: $14.99 - a bottle of DHEA: $15.99 - meeting with RE to discuss taking these herbs: $25 - trying to have a baby...priceless


So this is what my life has become. I feel like an 85 year old woman, with her meds lined up on the table in the morning to accompany breakfast! mmmmmmm..... yeah, great. Not so much. So, when i get up, i mix a dropful of wheatgrass (which is about 28 drops of ground sheit in my cranberry juice) to wash down the 3 pills of DHEA to produce antral follicles, followed by 800 mg. of folic acid... sounds DELISH, right? No. Can i just enjoy a cup o java with toast? Nothing to swallow with it except a sweet piece of french toast or waffle perhaps? yeah... not so much. This is what we go through, well one piece of it anyway, in hopes to help along with the shots to help make a baby.
Honestly? The one thing i wonder on a daily basis, and i mean daily... is... why? Why do i have to go through all of this, pay all of this money, have sex when my doctor says too and not because i WANT to, when other ladies can have babies for FREE in the comfort of their own cozy bedrooms. I just don't get it.


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