The 2 week wait is ON!


So yesterday morning we had our second IUI. After the false hope of #1, i asked the nurse to not say anything except tell me my levels and Christopher's numbers. (of course, my wonderful hubby that he is, sent me a text to ask what his numbers were)! :-) Only Christopher. So now, on one hand we have the stress of wondering... could this be the cycle? Could this be the one? On the other hand, shots are over for now, but Prometrium is ON! (nice sore bewbies, cramps and a heck of an appetite. One would think that with all those feelings, i would be pregnant. Not so much.. Oh! and did i mention at least we can be intimate on OUR clock and not the RE's? Ahhhhhh...... what a nice feeling.

On another note, we had a meeting/consult with our doctor today. We really liked him and he was a straight shooter. I think going through this, that is exactly what one needs. Why the false hope? i mean seriously, let's get for real, i have an issue. But, he did say that as much as there is to "worry" about, there is plenty that is positive and on our side. He recommended working with some Eastern medicine, (which i am all about) and some other methods of bringing positive vibes to our situation. Some are obvious, some not so much, but hey! What the heck? Why not try. Some suggestions are: Acupuncture, Tai Chi, massage, wheatgrass, DHEA suppliment, healthy diet and exercise (drrrr) and bringing out positive endorphins. I am going to research the DHEA and wheatgrass and see what happens.


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