Once we were matched


Before i continue with details, I wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all of your well wishes and support! It is so wonderful to have connected with so many of you, and some not even have met.

Once we were matched, caseworker was scheduled to be leaving for vacation that week. It was great that we had some time to relish in our happiness before starting anything "formal" with the case.

That week, we broke the news to our parents. We wrapped a Red Sox onesie (FYI - i'm a Yankee fan and Christopher is a Red Sox fan. Marriage made in baseball hell) and brought it to my parents. My dad asked what the gift was for. I told him it was a bribe to help come tile the kitchen. He opened it up and said.."is this what i think it is?" We all lost it. Not only was he super excited and emotional, but i am one of 3 girls and my sister has 2 daughters. So, to be expecting a boy, he was over the moon.

We then brought a package of diapers to my in-laws wrapped. My mother-in-law opened them and just started screaming and jumping around like a wild lady! She was a riot!

We told them all to keep it mum. That until our 30 day revocation period was up, we were keeping the news to ourselves. Of course, it was hard for them, even caused some arguments.

Once Patty our CW returned, she told me that "A" and "J" had already met with their attorney, without her. I felt like this was a positive sign that they were comfortable with their decision. In talking with their attorney, they also wanted to have more contact with us. Not necessarily visits, but texting until she gave birth. I was all for it! I felt it was a way to help her through the remainder of her pregnancy or almost "live" it with her. (If that makes any sense).

I sent the first text and it felt very much like sending a text after a first date. What do i say? What not to say.

I sent her a text and she responded almost immediately. It was so surreal. The young woman carrying my son is on the other end. I know it may sound corny, or weird, but it really meant the world to me! She sent another text a few days later telling us that.."no matter what happens, the baby is ours, that they think we are the perfect parents for Parker." It was pretty profound coming from such a young woman, who is generally quiet. In fact, she would offer me her son's old baby items.
I felt like with her offering her used baby items, that she was comfortable in her decision.

Leading up to the last couple of weeks, she sent me a text to say.."not much longer now" and also asked if we were ready. I kid you not, i have the entire string of text messages and intend to keep them forever. I'll print them out and put them in Parker's keepsake box. There are some very special words in there.

In the meantime, we had access to their medical records. I sent them to my doctor and nothing looked out of the ordinary. I couldn't believe it. I honestly was waiting for a ball to drop. For some hiccup along the way and it hadn't happened.

The week of her due date (April 19) in my mind she was going to deliver on time. She had delivered her Christopher on his due date and given her petite frame and weight, i thought for sure, on time or early again.

April 19th came and went.

A text from "A" came through on April 20th. She was headed to the doctor to asked to be induced. She couldn't take the pain anymore. At this point, i felt like a time bomb about to go off. Not being pregnant, i couldn't feel her body changing or have any clue of when things would happen. My type-A personality hates being out of control. ;-) Her doctor would not induce her, but told her "not long now." So we just lived our life, prepared as best we could and waited.

April 22nd, i got a text message from "J" around 6 PM, that they were at the hospital and she was being induced. I couldn't believe it! I wanted to rush right there and be there with and for her. However, part of their birth plan was to not have us present for the birth. They wanted a couple of hours alone with him and then were OK with us coming. Since we had about an hour to drive to the hospital, they were going to call once he was born. However, she didn't deliver him until 11:45 PM. At that point, we couldn't go to the hospital. As adoptive parents, we didn't have to follow hospital hours, but we weren't allowed to stay over night.

At about 12:35 AM, i received a text from "J" with the most perfect looking little boy. i woke Christopher up (i have NO idea how he was sleeping) and said..."Look! It's our son!!".

We were able to head to the hospital first thing Saturday morning.

To be continued....

To hold you over, a couple more photos from his photo shoot. We had these taken when he was 5 days old. If we are friends on FB, you have seen these.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oh my goodness, your story has me crying! Can't wait for the next installment. Congratulations on baby Parker! He's perfect!

jaime said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I've been following your journey for a while and so happy the next phase has begun. Parker is gorgeous. Hooray!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos!!! You look so happy and thankful!!! He is so handsome:)

Still hard to believe that he's there with you...it was so worth the wait, wasn't it?! Look forward to reading more, thanks again for this detailed look into such a special time!

Heather said...

i have been following your blog for awhile...i am currently waiting to adopt and although it has only been 6 months since we started our journey, the wait is almost too much to bear at times. i am so happy for you!

Kate said...

Wow! I am so happy for you. I've been checking your blog every so often and looked today after a long hiatus—and wow! Congratulations!!

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