[ the great stroller debate has ended ]


We are finally out from under the kitchen mess. We are finally done. The final task at hand is to build our bench in the entry to store hats, mittens and scarves. But heck, we needed a break! There are also some decor pieces to finalize and then i'll take some photos and share. It seriously looks like a different kitchen, in a different home. I love it!

In the meantime though, we settled the great stroller debate. We didn't end up with any of our original choices.

We ended up purchasing the Uppa Baby Vista in yellow. We love the bassinet attachment, how easy it is to stroll around and the options. (i felt like i was buying a car)! Which we did this week too. Phew. We have been busy!

Anyway, once we have a baby to actually stroll around, i'll give my reviews. For now, Clemens our big, fat orange cat seems to have taken a liking to the bassinet.

Have a wonderful day all!


Kara said...

Love the yellow! What a great stroller!

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