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After i met with Julie and she told us to refocus our stress and frustration onto positive things, i have been trying really hard to do so. I started to revisit the stroller category. I have to say, it is the most overwhelming purchase for some reason. There are so many things to think about including do i want the Chevy model or the Mercedes? I can't get over the price ranges, styles and add-ons!

I am starting a spread sheet to see what car seat will work with what based on styles we like. We seem to gravitate towards a more contemporary body style, i love the bassinet and we both love a 3 wheel. Christopher loves the BOB model because i run, however when we looked at it in LL Bean, it seemed so bulky for everyday use.

Do we get two? Two styles? I'm so overwhelmed, i'm paralyzed in making a decision! Help!

| sources: [1] Bumbleride [2] Quinny by Maxi Cossy [3] BOB jogger [4] Bumbleride, my favorite so far |

What do you have? Do you love it, hate it? Any suggestions for us? Thanks friends!


Lindsey said...

Kate isn't hear yet so all of my research/ test driving has been with and empty stroller!

With that said, I 100% agree that the BOB is nice but just too bulky for everyday use. We are getting one but it will just be for jogging purposes.

We have the UppaBaby Vista and I love it! I think the push is better than the Bugaboo plus you can fold it with the seat on. It also has a super huge basket and we just loved the way it looks.

Try to test all of your top choices out - what you love on paper might not do it for you at the store (that's how the Bugaboo was for us - it just was pretty blah when we saw it in the store).

Good luck and have fun shopping around!!

Lindsey said...

here not hear - I need coffee!

nikinikinine said...

We're having this same issue. We've thought about getting three strollers. A double jogging stroller, the kolkraft contours tandem twin stroller and a single city stroller (something l like the maclaren volo) that if I just had one kid or we were in a crowded place is easy to pack down and use. I figure I can throw the other kid in a baby bjorn or we can get two of the single city strollers and each push a kid. It seems like a lot until I start thinking practically and then I go, um, yeah we need that.

Rebecca said...

Ugh... i'm having all these issues Niki, i feel for you guys! LOL

I do like the Uppa too Lindsey. Thanks for the information!

Jessica said...

Hi! I have a baby boutique & I have some recommendations!

I also, have 2 under two, so I know all about the momma's needs!! you can email me at lulusdiamondsky@gmail.com, if you want...

For a single city stroller: the Quinny Buzz HANDS DOWN BEST!! Talked about it here: http://lulusdiamondsky.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-just-cant-live-without.html

For a single jogger (can be used city too): Phil&Ted's Sport

Double City (can be a single too!): Phile&Ted's Vibe. Talked about it here: http://lulusdiamondsky.blogspot.com/2009/12/merry-christmas-to-mommy.html

Double jogger (can be single too!) Phil&Ted's Sport

And I ALWAYS, ALWAYS recommend the Maxi Cosi Mico Car seat : http://lulusdiamondsky.blogspot.com/2009/07/maxi-cosi-maxi-cozy_31.html

Vicki said...

Hi Rebecca! We have the BOB Revolution and we love it! We got the infant adapter, so we have used it since birth with Evan. It is so smooth, and you know how short I am, and I have no problem folding it and getting it into the cross over. I like that we paid a bit of money, but got everything in one stroller.

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Rebecca, you will want to make sure that it turns on a dime. I had the MacClaren double stroller and it was horrible. I ketp tripping on the back wheels. LOL Then we ended up getting a jogging stroller that was so easy to push I loved it....I just wish that I had seen the Taga Stroller. It's too cool!

Becky said...

okay...stranger here...but i've found that my double bob (we've got two little ones) was the BEST purchase ever and worth every penny of the $600 dollars (we got the baby seat attachment)...but it is way too bulky for pulling in and out of the car and whatnot...so, we have two or three strollers floating around at any given time and while i really can't say we got our money's worth out of the others - we will never give up the BOB - we're using to this day with a five and a three year old. looooove it. sorry, had to leave my opinion.

milk tea + polkadots said...

My friends just bought the City Mini stroller. I really liked how easy it is to open and close. You can do it with one hand by pulling on a strap in the middle of the seat! It also has a large sun canopy and fully reclines. They have a few other strollers too. :)


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