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One of our goals this year in preparation for our baby was to take a CPR class through the Red Cross. Of course, we managed to schedule it in the midst of our kitchen renovation, but that is basically how we operate. Too much going on for the hours in the day. I have to say though, the kitchen is looking great and i did manage to take some photos this weekend as we started the tile, so i will post this week!

So last night, we took the 4 hour class. I have to say, i haven't taken CPR in years. It has been probably 15 or 20 if i had to guess. I honestly think since i taught swimming lessons as a teenager. (oh- i just aged myself).

Since the class size was small, (5 to be exact) the instructor asked us to introduce ourselves and wanted to know what we would like to get from the class. She was willing to focus on our needs instead of following text book. I thought that was pretty cool. So, the first couple, clearly pregnant went first. Christopher and i went second and the babysitter that was there went third.

When Christopher introduced us and said that we are adopting and wanted to learn infant CPR, there was an awkward silence - followed by a smile and then the questions came flowing. I will admit, i sometimes don't understand the reactions of strangers when we tell people we are proudly adopting. I can't figure out if they are curious, happy, taken back or whatever. Once we got through 20 questions, we started the class.

I have to say, it was pretty exciting learning all of this and makes me realize we are one step closer to being prepared for parenthood. On the other hand, i was like, holy shit! Will i remember all of this if i ever have to use it? Will i be a good mom? Will my instincts just take over? It is pretty scary actually. One day i'll have a human to take care of much smaller and tricker than the rubber mannequin!

For those who have adopted or are in the process of - how do you handle the 20 questions syndrome? I swear i thought it would get easier, but i feel like carrying a Cliff Notes version around with me.


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