[ when it snows, it pours ]


In our kitchen.

*caveat - these photos don't do the damage justice, this was in the very beginning. sigh....

OK, so admittedly, i have never loved our kitchen. However, when we bought our house, it had been flipped so everything was fresh and new. Although the man who flipped it was no designer, he did a decent job. Just not my style. We could not justify remodeling the kitchen though with IF expenses and then adoption expenses on the table. Plus, there were other things that we were looking to put money towards.

Well, that has changed. We have to do a mini-remodel in the kitchen now. Lucky me! {insert half sarcasm here}. With all the snow and ice this winter, we came home from work one day to find water pouring through the recessed lights - and it didn't stop - for days, 11 to be exact. Our kitchen looked like a nightmare with towels, buckets and a dark room because we couldn't turn the lights on.

The water damaged a nice hefty piece of the ceiling, the wall and soffit. It also ruined a countertop (hello formica)! and a cabinet. So, the insurance adjuster came and of course, will only replace what was damaged. We can't find matching countertops (yay!) but were able to find a matching cabinet. So, in my dream world, the entire kitchen would be changed. I won't lie, i was bummed we found the matching cabinet. I was already on the hunt for new.

So, this week we ordered upgraded countertops to Corian and we are tiling a good portion of the kitchen and wripping out some upper cabinets, while adding a new piece of lower where we currently have a painted buffet.

We are going to add some open shelves and repaint! The last detail is to add crown molding which was on our to-do list anyway. So, i guess everything happens for a reason, huh? A nice distraction while we "wait" too!

Here are some photos i found that i love for some inspiration. While our kitchen could fit inside these kitchens, i can't help but to stare!

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I think the demolition will start this weekend since the company is coming to measure for the countertops next week. I'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend all!


Deborah said...

LOVE the third photo...and how cute is that little girl in her ruffled dress and oh-so-sweet boots?! I will take one of everything please!

milk tea + polkadots said...

Oh my...that's quite some damage! I've been drawn to white kitchen cabinets and gray painted walls lately. So fresh and clean! The last photo with the little girl is adorable!

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