Smooth as molasses


No pun intended, but seriously, that is how my very first colonoscopy went the past 2 days, prep and all!

The prep was the hardest part. I haven't updated you to tell you all that i'm training for a half-marathon, so i've been so used to burning lots of calories, that broth and italian ice just weren't cutting it in the calorie department. I whined (a lot). Yesterday was the test and everything came back negative! Yay!

So for now, i'm on new birth control to help suppress the endo. and will have another checkup in about 6 months for an ultrasound to be sure any cysts have cleared. For now, that is the plan. My doctor doesn't want to surgically induce menopause by me having a hysterectomy so early and he prefers to not do another lap because it doesn't really clear all of the endo away since it is chronic.

Thank you for your well wishes, i appreciate them.

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? Ours was fantastic and just wait until i post photos! My nieces were cute as buttons and i was thrilled to spend the afternoon with them!

On our way to my sister's house on Saturday, Christopher and i saw the most amazing rainbow. It was glaring right down at us, straight down as a matter of a fact, on a bright sunny day. No-one else saw it, and most were driving right behind us. Weird? I think not. ;-)


nikinikinine said...

so glad to hear that your colonoscopy went so well. I'm hoping that the BCP's are enough to keep you on the straight and narrow for a long time. Dying to hear about how your half training is going. I'm so jealous of your ability to run. I want to run!

If you're around in the next week or two let's do lunch. I'm going to be all alone again starting on 1/3 and I'm getting a little batty!

VIcki O said...

Glad that everyone went well and hopefully you are able to get some relief with the BCP.

I think of you often. That is awesome about the rainbow.

Our Christmas was nice and relaxing.

Happy New Year Rebecca!

Jaime said...

Glad to hear things went okay. I'm training for a half, too! I'm doing the ING in Miami at the end of January. Which one are you running? Happy new year. I'm sure I speak for all your readers when I say that I hope 2011 is your year!!

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