[ tidbits from the weekend ]


What a wonderful weekend with Ellie. We just have so much fun, i always end up so sad when she leaves. Next time though, her sister Ava is going to come either with her, or alone. It was hard for Christopher and i to explain how we have to take turns with them. Ava is turning 3 tomorrow, and she wants to come for sleepovers now too. When i picked Ellie up last week.. she said desperately.."me too?" So sad.

Anyway, of course Ellie and Clemens were attached at the hips. Although a bit more than Clemens probably wanted he was a good sport of a cat and really didn't fuss.

Friday night we went to the Polo Club for a match. She loves to go when she is here and i enjoy it too, so it gives us another excuse to do so! We took some {127} photos of the horses before the match started. Ellie was our "main shooter" that night.

The horses getting their tails braided and tied up.

Chilling out waiting for the match to start. We picked up some yummy sandwiches on our way there. Ellie's choice? PB&J! =)

My amazing friend Deborah had some fun hats left from her bridal shower, so she brought some for Ellie and i to wear so we could match. Then i realized, we never took a photo of us together. And Deborah, so sweet was worried about forgetting Ellie's, that she forgot her own!
{notice Ellie's purple nails? We had mani's/pedi's that day too. Oh - and her toes are blue. Lovely selections i might add}

Deborah and I! {Ellie took this one!}

Jim (Deborah's hubby), Deborah, me and Christopher enjoying our wine!

Ellie saying goodbye as the horses were leaving. She is such a little animal lover.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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